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Duplantier & Meric, Architects, L.L.C., is a New Orleans-based architectural firm that was originally established by Henry C. Duplantier and Thomas S. Meric, Jr.  The various types and sizes of projects in which Duplantier and Meric were personally involved with during their careers substantiate their capabilities, experience and devotion to the continuation of providing quality architectural and engineering design services.

Duplantier and Meric have worked closely together for a 37-year period on a wide variety of project types from complex institutional, medical and higher educational facilities to less complicated business and commercial buildings. Together they have encountered a wide variety of situations with many projects which required quick and responsive project delivery without an increase in staff.

Duplantier & Meric has provided Architectural Design Services for the State of Louisiana at five major university campuses, research and medical complexes. The construction of the Business Administration Building ($16 million) at the University of New Orleans was completed along with the nearby 800 car parking garage ($4.5 million) at the University of New Orleans Research and Technology Park. Additionally the Human Development Center ($27 million) at the LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans was recently completed. We also designed the proposed Chemical Engineering Building ($32 million) at the LSU Campus in Baton Rouge. The construction of the Department of Environmental Quality Laboratory Building at the Louisiana State Capitol Park ($8 million) was completed and the building was recognized as the best environmental laboratory in the country by winning the National 2006-2007 Gold Standard Award for Public Health Laboratory Excellence. The Clinical Sciences Research Building in the LSU Health Sciences Center ($35 million) completed in 1999 was awarded the Best Public Building in 1999. The $48 million addition to the Clinical Sciences Research Building has been designed and currently awaiting a bid date. Duplantier & Meric were continuing their 27-year plus relationship with the Charity Hospital Medical Center of Louisiana with the construction of the Histopathology, Rehabilitation, and Hyperbaric Unit project ($5.5 million) and the sprinklering of the entire one million square foot facility ($4.5 million) prior to Hurricane Katrina.

After Hurricane Katrina, Duplantier and Meric were commissioned by the LSU Health Sciences Center to assess the storm damage to both the LSUHSC major Downtown New Orleans Campus and the Dental School Campus. Approximately three million square feet of buildings and grounds were inspected and damages by the hurricane documented. After that process, Duplantier and Meric were commissioned by the State of Louisiana to design the Restoration and Mitigation of the main Downtown New Orleans Campus of the LSU Health Sciences Center that was damaged by Hurricane Katrina. Currently, the estimated value of the project is approximately $86 million.

Henry C. Duplantier and Thomas S. Meric, Jr., have enjoyed a 43 and 34-year professional experience, respectively, while associated with the architectural firm of Cimini Meric Duplantier and the present firm of Duplantier & Meric, Architects, L.L.C. Some of the illustrations included in this brochure indicate work performed by both Henry C. Duplantier and Thomas S. Meric, Jr. during their long association with Cimini Meric Duplantier. The illustrations along with the information included in this document substantiate their qualifications for providing quality Architectural Design Services. Their body of work since the early 1970’s represents an aggregate construction value in excess of $700 million at the date of construction.  The present day value would easily exceed $1.8 billion. They have been providing design services for the ongoing renovation of Charity Hospital in New Orleans for the past 27 years with major renovations of complete departments throughout the facility. They have and are continuing to provide design services for the construction of the LSU Health Sciences Center, which includes seven major buildings and the complete renovation of an eighth existing facility. These buildings in today's dollars comprises more than 450M in construction cost and are approximately 1,750,000 sq. ft. in size. They have provided design services for the construction of six major, 1000-bed each, medium security correctional facilities located throughout the state.

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